FamilyStrokes – Step-Sis fucked me during family Christmas pictures

I have never to this day smelt shoes that was this smelly. I got instantly hard but just left it as that. A few weeks passed and I had time to kill whilst my wife was at work so she suggested I use her key and wait In her mum’s house which I did.




I let myself in and made a cup of tea. On my way upstairs I saw the shoes that I had smelt before sitting sitting by the stairs. I was alone in the house and couldn’t resist taking a better look at them. They smelt so good and so I decided to take them upstairs to the spare room. My heart was racing, I was so nervous of getting caught but the shoes and the thought of her mum’s feet in my mind powered me on. I got to the spare room sat down and unzipped my jeans I was so hard. I started to smell the shoes and get my nose right inside of them as I slowly stroked my cock.